Vivenne Simmonds

Quantum Timeless Master Practitioner, Holistic Therapist 

Reiki Level 2 Attuned & Qualified Reflexologist 

email: viviennemarcia6@gmail.com

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Quantum Healing Session  |  60 mins

works on the multi-dimensional aspects of the self, healing the mind-body and spirit holistically. Its works by connecting to your higher self, working in divine harmony to reconnect you to your true power. 

Healings can also be administered in the bath.

Quantum Healing Session: can help with the following:

Deep Trauma / Sexual Abuse

-  Disease & Health Issues

-  Past Life Trauma & Ancestral Healing

-  Entities, Attachments & any form of Black Magic/Jin

-  Soul Retrieval / Chakra Rebalancing / Aura Cleanse

-  Stress, Depression, Anxiety & Fear  

-  Manifestation Issues (Relationships, Career, Money Flow)

-  Dark Night of The Soul Support

About Me

In 2018 I went through a series of challenges and hardships.  I found myself caught up in a narcissistic toxic relationship, a situation I was trying to step away from. At the same time, I was dealing with the fact that both my parents had passed away in the same year. 

I tried so hard to escape from the pain, to suppress all the negative emotions so I didn’t have to feel the trauma anymore. This resulted in more suffering, prolonged periods of anxiety, depression and a feeling of not wanting to be living anymore.

Thankfully I had a beautiful daughter who needed a mother to step into her full power and heal from her past and present traumas. This was an absolute blessing in disguise and I am so so lucky to have her. My daughter inspired me to step into my full power and heal myself from past and present traumas.  The healing journey began!

I have now come to a realisation that all my traumas and challenges were necessary to activate the healer within me. The journey of healing continues for us all, I am here to assist you on your own healing journey to re-connect you to your own inner healing power.



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