Quantum Healing

(Online/1-2-1/distance and home visit)

Quantum healing involves being a conduit for light energy (chi) to flow through me to you. Sitting or laying down is preferable, we start with a meditation, relaxing into the zone and then you will feel the light energy (chi)  flowing through you.  Going into a deep state of sleep is common.

  • You sit or lay (preferred) comfortably and literally receive

  • The light energy brings you into balance

  • My hands will move to do a full-body scan, clear, release any blockages and aid the mind, body, spirit and soul in self-healing

  • During a session you may feel different sensations from the light energy moving through you, for example, warm, tingly feeling, release through sounds, tears or simply want to laugh


You can have the healing in the bath - just ask when you book. 


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Higher Self Reading (Online, 1-2-1 or via telephone)

Higher Self reading involves tapping into the spiritual and higher dimensional realm to give you information and guide you on your journey. It is a sitting practice where you (the client), are fully present and listen (embrace) to what is being delivered.

  • Sit comfortably and literally receive

  • I share what comes to me

  • I connect with your spirit guides, angels of light, unconditional light beings from different dimensional realms, any deceased relatives and those who want to assist you on your path

  • I do a full-body scan, clearing and share what steps are needed for you to move forward to fulfil your potential at this moment in time and space

1-2-1 Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga 

Trained in Astanga (eight-limbed yoga) also known as Raja Dhiraja Yoga. Slow progressive movements, with pause, focus and breath to apply pressure in the correct positioning. Balancing the secretion of hormones, massaging, restoring the well-being of one's self. 

Meditation brings an opportunity for you to explore the world within as your eyes are closed, various benefits depending on your goals and dreams in life at this moment. 

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Kaysen Asante

Shamanic Practitioner, Quantum Energy Facilitator, Channeller, EFT Master Practitioner, Reiki Level 2, Yoga & Meditation Teacher


phone: 07308-163-198 

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About Me

Hi, my name is Kaysen and here to serve your highest will and good...

My journey into healing started when my mother died in 2012. Having lost my dad 13 years previous, I felt alone and helpless, worried and scared. I questioned everything end even wondered if life was worth living! Fortunately, I had my brother, I dug deep, I looked within, I left my career as a netball coach and school teacher and took time to train as a Reiki Practitioner Level 2 and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Master Practitioner then to later qualify as a Yoga & Meditation Teacher. 

I embarked on a journey of self-healing, discovering a new outlook and purpose. I learnt how to embrace and cope with my emotions and manage my energy. Through my self-healing journey I have found attuned my natural psychic abilities and developed my quantum gifts. I believe we all have natural gifts and abilities, in unity we all transform each other.


I am here to open a space for you to receive whatever is needed for you.

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Email: or text  + 44 (0) 730-81-63-198 to arrange a session.


Quantum Energy Healing  | 40 mins |


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Spiritual Bath Healing        | 40 mins |



Higher Self Reading           | 30 mins |


Yoga + Meditation             | 75 mins |

If you are unemployed or earning under £15,000 per annum please email for a discounted price.