Fresh Water River Healing (June - Oct 2021) 

Quantum Energy Healing utilising the unlimited healing power of mother nature. Fresh Water River Healing's, in our experience, have been one of the most powerful ways to release trauma. We recommend group healing sessions with 2-3 Quantum Healing Facilitators.   


Rivers that we use are located near Pangbourne, Berkshire, UK and Tonbridge in Surrey. Both rivers have shallow areas so you do not have to be able to swim. You will however have to dip your whole body under as part of the cleanse. You can either travel there yourself or transport can be arranged. Both areas are a great place to relax for the day/evening.

River Healings start from

£144.44 for 2 facilitators

for an additonal faciltator add £72.22

email us: to book or for more information. We offer discounts for groups of 3 or more.