Christen Kwame

Quantum Energy Facilitator and Higher Self Channeller

CMA Accredited: Shamanic Practioner, Spiritual Life Coach, Mindfulness Coach, Diet & Nutrition Advisor

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 Donation Based Services

Quantum Energy Healing  |  45 mins


Quantum Energy Healing works on the multi-dimensional aspects of the self, healing the mind-body and spirit holistically. Its works by connecting to your higher self, working in divine harmony to reconnect you to your true power. 

Healings can also be administered in the bath.

Spiritual Healing Baths are highly effective for healing deep-rooted trauma. Using the power of the water and earth elements: sea salt, lavender essential oil, lemon or limes and rose quartz crystals to enhance the session. Preparation details upon booking.


 Quantum Energy Healing can help with the following:

Deep Trauma / Sexual Abuse

-  Disease & Health Issues

-  Past Life Trauma & Ancestral Healing

-  Entities, Attachments & any form of Black Magic/Jin

-  Soul Retrieval / Chakra Rebalancing / Aura Cleanse

-  Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Fear  

-  Manifestation Issues (Relationships, Career, Money Flow)

-  Dark Night of The Soul Support

Higher Self Channelling  |  45 mins

What is the Higher Self?

The Higher Self is the larger part of your soul consciousness, the true you, the part that holds all-knowing and wisdom. A channeller has the ability

to connect (the channeller acts as the conduit) to your higher self to bring through guidance and wisdom for you to heal. This is Higher Self Healing.

What is Channelling? I connect to my spirit guides they then connect with your higher self to bring you wisdom to heal and guide you along your life path 🙏 This type of Channelling is different to seeing a psychic. This particular Channelling modality focuses is on healing whereby you ask questions to receive guidance in order to empower you and promote positive change in your life.

About Me

The catalyst for my healing journey was losing both my parents to cancer. Naturally, I suffered trauma, grief, periods of depression and suicidal thoughts. I tried the conventional route of alleviating my issues by opting for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy but this technique just didn't resonate. I was yearning for something deeper.

My journey of self-discovery led me to experience plant medicines, sound healing, kinesiology, psychic readings, EFT, meditation retreats and learning reiki however nothing prepared me for the transformation I experienced with Quantum Energy Healing. From this point onward my life completely changed. Quantum Energy Healing birthed my first multi-dimensional healing experience, I was able to heal layers upon layers of suppressed trauma from this life, past & future lives which were affecting me in this current life. I unearthed trauma I didn't even realise and have now healed the following:

  • Severe lack of self-worth absorbed from my mother

  • Issues with acceptance of my sexuality related to past lifetimes

  • Money blocks from past lifetimes

  • Addictions linked to past lifetimes 

  • Suppressed trauma that led to unhealthy relationships

  • Abuse from family members


The healing journey continues, however, we all have the power to shift the deepest layers of trauma that weigh us down and affect our ability to access our divinity. This type of multi-dimensional healing has allowed me to connect to my own healing power, a gift we all have access to. Only when you address your trauma's and work through the shadow self, will you experience your true divinity and realise that you always had the power to heal yourself, you just forgot. My duty is to assist, facilitate and empower you in remembering who you truly are. A multi-dimensional being with access to unlimited universal energy.



Katie Elizabeth, California

I didn't know what to expect when I had my first session as I had never had any type of therapy or healing like this. Christen immediately put me at ease. I was at a point in my life where I knew I needed some guidance and I am so glad I went for this. It was emotional and comforting at the same time. I recommend it to everyone, it was a very special experience.

Carla Yorkston, Spain

I have been on a healing journey for some time and this came at the right time. It was an eye-opener for me. It was very emotional for me and the messages I received were what I needed to point me in the right direction. I am so grateful to Christen for his time and for this experience. It was very special and has helped me in many ways. I want to do more Quantum healing and hope I can do some in the near future. 

Selina Garcia, London

I had the most amazing experience with Christen, I opted for the Quantum Energy Healing in a Spiritual Bath. Firstly I would like to say that I felt super comfortable with Christen. I was dealing with some super uncomfortable issues, Christen made me feel safe, at ease and empowered. The experience is not like any other and every session is different, I will definitely be back when I feel called.